Table of Contents

Alice in Wonderland


                            i.      Jabberwocky Parody

                           ii.      Literary Elements Wiki Project


Sonnet Project: Love for Foran sonnet



                            i.      Reading Logs

                           ii.      Voice Thread presentations


 Literary History Project


                                i.      Classical Period

1.       Bibliography

2.       Powerpoint

3.       Antigone questions


                                ii.      Medieval Period

1.       Bibliography

2.       Powerpoint

3.       Canterbury Tales Charts

4.       Creative Writing Canterbury Tale


                                iii.      Restoration Period

1.       Bibliography

2.       Powerpoint

3.       Satire Page


                                iv.      Modern/Post Modern Period 

1.       Bibliography

2.       Powerpoint

3.       Modern Story



I learned that many people may be looking at my blog. As such, if you do visit, please post a comment. I don’t care if it’s negative or positive, just post some type of comment. Obscene comments WILL be deleted, and you may post anonymously.

Harvest Moon Review

This review is solely for the purpose of opinion, and should not be related to school. The Harvest Moon series revolve around growing. I came across the Nintendo DS title at GameStop, but the description failed to interest me.

-to be finished later today-

SNES ftw

I just got Super Mario World for a SNES emulator. Took me long enough. I also got Lunar Magic, which is a level editor for SMW, so i expect to post some nice worlds on. I hope to create the third K to rom hacking, but i still have to name it. Maybe just my name. Kaizo, Kussotare (Spelling check?), and Kevin. Hehehehe.

ALSO if u want the emulator and the game, i can try to e-mail it to you, or ill give you the site. My e-mail address is Plz put ROM in the heading so i dont delete it as spam.

About Me

This post is a simple bit of work stating what I am allowed to say about me. My name is Kevin. I enjoy video games, and I play Runescape (A free browser game-almost a MMORPG, but not quite) and you can find me under the user Hugemamma12. I also enjoy webcomics, and particularly like the game reviews by Zero Punctuation, a well-educated yet a little vulgar review. I will post more about myself, or simply post nothing more. I tend to forget things. Oh yes, my sister has written fanfiction about a game, Dynasty Warriors, about the characters in a chat room. Personally, I don’t know what’s so great about it.

-EDIT- I am adding that I go on Runescape on weekdays between 8:00-9:00 PM, and on weekends, I can be on as early as 6:00(not often) to as late as 11:00. And usually on alot too. I have no life =D

I will provide links to a few of the sites above in the future, but you obviously can’t go on during school.